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Octavia is the newest restaurant from award-winning chef, Melissa Perello. Beautifully defined flavors and seasonally driven cuisine are the cornerstones of Octavia's menu- all in an elegant yet relaxed neighborhood setting. 

Chef Owner Melissa Perello's daily evolving selections spotlight her commitment to sustainability and the Bay Area's wealth of agricultural resources. Combined with her natural ability in the kitchen, the result is simple and expertly crafted dishes that reflect her fine-dining pedigree and down-to-earth personality.

Named after the restaurant's location, Octavia is an ode to refined but comfortable sensibilities in both food and decor. A seamless blend of original history and modern elegance, Octavia's natural light-soaked, open floor plan evokes a refined dining experience with a unique sense of home comfort. An open kitchen, which faces the 55-seat dining room, highlights the original framework and masonry of the building's 19th century roots. 

Whether it’s the elevated, yet accessible approach to food, or the open, familiar atmosphere and stellar service, Octavia is about sharing great food in good company. This honest, focused approach has resonated with customers and critics alike. 


Chef de Cuisine Robert Hernandez grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by family and friends in the kitchen. Inspired by years learning alongside his mother and aunt, Hernandez developed an understanding of food as family heirloom. Utilizing his home-grown understanding of flavors and food, Hernandez was driven to explore further, focusing on Northern California's rapidly expanding restaurant culture and celebration of seasonality. 

Upon arriving in San Francisco, Chef Hernandez spent several years growing in a variety of restaurants including the celebrated kitchens of Quince and Delfina. In 2014, he assisted Chef Casey Thompson in opening Aveline and, in 2015, he accepted a position in Melissa Perello's second restaurant, Octavia. With influences from acclaimed Chef Owner, Melissa Perello, as well as Chefs Jen Jackson and Sara Hauman, Hernandez emerged as a natural leader and was awarded the role of Chef de Cuisine in 2017. Currently residing in this role, Hernandez's marriage of seasonal ingredients, inherited flavor profiles, and methodical technique shape his elevated yet approachable cuisine.