kumamoto OYSTER, orange saffron aioli, pickled asparagus, chive 4.5

"DEVILED EGG,” dolcini farm egg, fresno chile relish, marash pepper & spice 5

chilled SQUID INK NOODLES, cortez bottarga, fennel, lemon agrumato 7

DUCK LIVER MOUSSE, strawberry jam, medjool date, fennel & seeded lavash 13

halibut CRUDO, yogurt, pickled radish, strawberry, jalapeño, sesame dukkah 16

buffalo MOZZARELLA, snap pea, charred peach, avocado, bottarga & mint    15

SPINACH "DIP,"  sunchoke & artichoke, blood orange, pickled ramp, parmesan 15

wagyu TARTARE, asparagus, smoked aioli, crispy onion, parmesan, levain 16

green garlic SOUP, pickled ramp, potato, castelvetrano, feta & crème fraîche 13

SPINACH, spring onion, white balsamic, cherries, walnut, aged parmesan 14

BUTTER LETTUCE, "everything spice," butter bean hummus, cucumber, feta   14

TAGLIATELLE, english pea, bacon, parmesan crema, radish & pangrattato 16

KING SALMON, english pea, savoy cabbage, brown beech, parmesan brodo 36

DUCK LEG confit, coconut curry, summer squash, broccolini, carrot, ancho     36

coulotte of WAGYU BEEF, asparagus, artichoke, brown butter & miso     38

DUMPLING, fried green tomato, wild ramp, maitake, buttermilk ranch 30

house baked LEVAIN, toasted seeds and spiced buckwheat porridge      3  

take a whole loaf home 8

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